Renovations were finally completed in 1993, having begun in 1991, but further plans to improve the stadium were approved by the city on 23 December 1993 with local funding in excess of £12 billion. And it feels like you’ve chosen it. [22], The Tardini has hosted six full Azzurri international matches, five of which Italy have won. Questa mattina in Comune si è parlato di stadio Tardini e del relativo progetto di ristrutturazione. Neither candidate had their work realised. It is the home of Parma Calcio 1913. The lowest tier 18 seats and the upper tier 14 seats. Nuovo Inizio will retain 9% of the club after the Krause deal. 23 Dicembre 2019 23 Dicembre 2019 Stadio Tardini calcio femminile, comunicato, nuovo allenatore, parma femminile, parma rosa, presentazione, salvatore reale, squadra femminile (www.parmacalcio1913.co0m) – La SSD Academy Parma comunica che Mister Salvatore Reale è il nuovo allenatore responsabile della 1^ Squadra Femminile partecipante The investment in the project is expected to be 1.25 billion dollars split equally between the two clubs. On 31 March 2008, Bagnaresi, a member of Boys Parma 1977, a group of over 100 Parma ultras, was run over on the way to Turin's Stadio Olimpico by a coach which was carrying the opposition Juventus fans, although the extent of intent is not known. nuovo stadio juventus parma ingresso curva nord secondo anello [1][2] A modern floodlight system was also installed by Azienda Elettrica Comunale in 1954. ", "Il sindaco Federico Pizzarotti a "C'è il centenario del Parma? This caused difficulties in the provision of a good view from all seats and of adequate safety features. [2] In September 1922, Parma's committee admitted two projects for consideration: one by Atanasio Soldati and one by Riccardo Bartolomasi, both architects working in Parma. [51], The stadium is in a central location in the city of Parma and is a 30-minute walk along Viale Mentana, then Viale S. Michele before a left at the roundabout onto Viale Partigiani d'Italia. However that's an awfully tight fit for a venue they're talking about making more active throughout the year. The agreement is in place to allow the club to continue to renovate the stadium with the goal of optimising in-stadium services for fans and maximising matchday attendance and revenue, but many of the goals envisioned were unattainable due to the financial crisis of Parmalat who were part of the same corporate group as Parma A.C.. La società, come noto, è poi passata di mano all'imprenditore Kyle Krause. Rugby Parma F.C. Alternatively, Buses 8 or 9 can both be taken from the train station to the stadium. If coming by car from the A1 (north or south), follow for Bologna and the A14 Ancona. The Belarus match was played earlier in the campaign, but triumph in Parma did send the Italians top of their group. Parma became the latest Serie A team to come under U.S. ownership when they were taken over by the Krause Group on Friday, the club said in a statement following a deal signed in Milan. UEFA stated that Parma's transport sector was more than capable of supporting UEFA Euro 2016 matches. It holds around 8,000 seats, including 348 corporate seats and 148 in the press gallery. The club could also choose to move to a new stadium, although this would go against Ghirardi's public pronouncements. Negli ultimi mesi il Comune e il Parma Calcio 1913 hanno affrontato l’argomento e presentato una bozza per il rifacimento del Tardini e di una parte del quartiere Cittadella (progetto simile ma non uguale a quello presentato anni fa da Tommaso Ghirardi), trasformando lo stadio in un luogo di aggregazione permanente con attività commerciali, esposizioni e grandi eventi. Tardini died shortly after, on 16 August 1923, but the stadium – originally to be called Stadio Municipale – would be named in his honour. [5] In 2006, the maximum capacity of the stadium was reduced from 29,050 to 27,906, although attendance was capped at 15,645 with the closure of the Curva Nord, the lower part of the Tribuna Est and the reduction in capacity of the main stand by the club for its one-season stay in Serie B due to structural problems. It also supported an initiative against violence towards women. “We want them as partners. Tardini Stadium, Parma football meets the Municipality and studies a new project, Nuovo Stadio Tardini: depositato un progetto di ristrutturazione - ParmaPress24. According to the initial proposal, the stadium should have more than 22,000 seats. The municipal contribution was then raised to £100,000 because of the public nature of the project. #GiochiamoInCasa # StaySafe Stadio Tardini di Parma 24.10.2004 # SerieA Parma Lazio 3-1 ⚽ 16’ # Marchionni ⚽ 27' # Bresciano ⚽ 37' Rocchi ⚽ 64' # Gilardino Siete pronti per un nuovo appuntamento con la nostra #ParmaTimeMachine? The stadium is the nineteenth largest football stadium in Italy and the second largest in Emilia–Romagna with a capacity of 22,352 spectators. Il sindaco di Parma: “Siamo molto soddisfatti dell’impegno che la proprietà ha voluto prendersi con la città, mostrando la volontà di investire sul territorio” La notizia del nuovo progetto stadio voluto dal Kyle Krause ha acceso gli animi a Parma. Nuovo Inizio, Parma’s former owner, had started the process, founding Progetto Stadio Parma, an entity designed to oversee the Tardini project and its subsequent management. [10], The monumental entrance arch to the stadium, Reconstruction of north, south and main stands (1990–1993), Fatality, investment and Euro 2016 bid (2009–present), Last edited on 17 December 2020, at 03:17, 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification – UEFA Group 8, 2006 FIFA World Cup qualification – UEFA Group 5, 2010 FIFA World Cup qualification – UEFA Group 8, 1990 UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship quarter-final, "La storia dello stadio "Ennio Tardini" di Parma (1923)", "Sadness and censure as violence blights the Scudetto again", "Processo per la morte di Eugenio Bortolon: tutti assolti", "Parma, Ghirardi: "Le prossime tre partite decideranno la nostra stagione, "Ecco le caratteristiche del progetto di ristrutturazione", "ABBONAMENTI, GLI EX CURVA SUD RINNOVANO SOLO AL TARDINI", "E dopo la Tessera, lo stadio di proprietà...", "Tardini del futuro: ennesimo rattoppo o uno stadio tutto nuovo? Glad to hear it. Nuovo Inizio was owned by a number of backers including representatives of Parmalat and local businessmen Guido Barilla (co-owner of Barilla Group ), Paolo Pizzarotti (president of Impresa Pizzarotti ), Mauro Del Rio and Gian Paolo Dallara . Parma Calcio 1913 S.r.L. There is little space around it to maneuver and I don't think even the residents would enjoy the construction work around it. The ground underwent significant expansion under Parmalat's ownership of the resident football club in the 1990s, as the ground's seating capacity was increased from around 13,500 to 29,050. 's Stadio Alberto Braglia. Il Parma calcio 1913 conferma la volontà di progettare e realizzare uno nuovo stadio Tardini, l'impianto dove gioca la squadra emiliana. the Curva Sud and the Curva Nord). I have heard of 23,000 seats. Site. Il Nuovo Stadio di Parma passa da Arcadis. Been here 10+ times. The project was studied and realized by the previous owners, or it would be better to say by those who are now the minority. The Tardini has hosted two Azzurrini international matches. nuovo parma: ecco tutti i punti salienti del cocoon piano illustrato ieri sera da orlandini al centro civico di medesano 1 Aprile 2015 1 Aprile 2015 Gabriele Majo associazione petitot , CCPC , mendi , nuovo parma , orlandini , parma club medesano , sandro squeri , serie d In 2006, the capacity was reduced to 27,906 although only 21,473 are authorised to enter for all-seater events and even those seats are very seldom all sold. In May 2009, Vicenza-supporting away fan Eugenio Bortolon was fatally injured in the Curva Sud on the last day of the season, despite the stadium being in full compliance with all safety regulations. in 2004 – sought to continue to work to its goals and the summer of 2006 saw the upper part of the Tribuna Est removed in preparation for a new grandstand. The stadium was built in 1923 and was named after one of … To raise further funds, Tardini sold a plot of land for £163,000 to the municipal administration. Progetto nuovo stadio, l’iter non è ancora partito. [28] The second of these was the second leg of a two-legged affair, which ended 2–2, a result enough to see the Italians out on away goals after the first leg ended goalless. During the 1970s, the capacity of the stadium stood at approximately 20,000. Redazione; Novembre 17, ... la conferenza dei servizi non si è ancora aperta perché il Comune di Parma ha chiesto una integrazione documentale che non è ancora stata recepita per cui non sono scattati i termini di avvio del conteggio dei giorni previsti dalla cosiddetta legge Stadi“. Si comunica che nei giorni scorsi è stato depositato formalmente un progetto di ristrutturazione dello stadio comunale Ennio Tardini da parte della - ParmaPress24. [13], Rather than renovate the Tardini, the club's leadership has instead opted to make improvements to its wholly owned training centre in Collecchio, completed in late 2012. The Nuovo Inizio launched a crowdfunding plan in 2015, dubbed Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche (PPC), that attracted more than 800 fans who each contributed at least €500 toward the ownership group. The Tardini was the idea of Ennio Tardini, who was a graduate in Law and club president from 1921 to 1923, but although much of his work was political his passion was sport. [3][4] The stadium originally featured a cycle track that was converted into a clay athletics track in 1935, which was in turn built over at the end of the 1980s. Parma Calcio 1913's official website,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 17 December 2020, at 03:17. [18] It has not been chosen as a host stadium in any of the major tournaments that Italy has hosted to date: the 1934 World Cup, Euro 1968, Euro 1980 and 1990 World Cup, but it was on the provisional list for the failed Euro 2016 bid, despite failing to make the failed Euro 2012 bid list. Stadio Renato Dall’Ara is located in the west of Bologna at about 3 kilometres from Bologna’s historic city centre and slightly more from the city’s central railway station. Lo stadio parmense è stato costruito per volere di Ennio Tardini, avvocato e presidente del Parma all'inizio degli anni 1920, il quale tuttavia non poté mai vederne l'inaugurazione; a lui venne quindi intitolato l'impianto al termine dei lavori di costruzione, iniziati nel 1922 e conclusi nel 1924. The Tribuna Petitot – the main grandstand – was completely restructured by the municipal authorities between 1985 and 1990 with reinforced concrete, but the club was beginning to outgrow its stadium and external expansion had become impractical as residential buildings occupied the surrounding area. Btw, I have read a recent article saying that project will also include an underground parking, club offices, shops, restaurants, fitness center and medical center. Migliore dello stadio di Bologna, Grande SuperBowl. XXXIV italian superbowl di nuovo Panthers Parma Seamen Milano. The outcome of the overhaul of the stadium – designed by architects Stefano Della Santa, Italo Jemmi, Paolo Simonetti and Fabrizio Fabbri – begun in the spring of 1991 led to a number of issues relating to inflows and outflows of thousands of people.

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